Donation appeal

As every year, we would like to appeal our donors for a contribution with a special purpose in order to financially support our current field work. In 2021, we would like to collect funding for working equipment, the preparation of a database and working contracts for specialists. Therefore, we are delighted about every contribution that allows us to proceed with our work!


Feel free to send your financial support to the following banc account:


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Project no.: D.01362.00.551112)

Berliner Bank - Niederlassung der Deutschen Bank PGK AG




IBAN: DE95 1007 0848 0512 6206 01


Reason for payment (always specify!): D.01362.00.551112


You may receive a donation receipt by Humboldt-University Berlin. Please, contact in this case Miss Karin Lippold:


For generous donations in the year 2020, we are deeply grateful to:


Kerstin Ernst

Rolf-Jürgen Hauer

Bernd Hausmann

Dr. Wolf-Dietmar Wackwitz

Dipl. med. Gebhard Weber


In the upcoming field campaign, we will thank our supports by naming them on our donators sign. Become a rescuer of cultural heritage by your own and support our work in the Valley of the Kings! We are grateful for your contribution.