Donation appeal

With our project, we are committed to the preservation and restoration of the tomb of pharaoh Ramesses III in the Valley of the Kings. Flood damage made the rear part of the site inaccessible. We aim to work on the tomb in terms of conservation and research so that it can be reopened for people interested in culture from around the world.


How can YOU support us? Become a Savior of Cultural Heritage!


We need a lot of committed supporters to finance the excavation and restoration work. Your donation supports our work directly. Only with your help, we can manage to bring the exciting history and culture of the Valley of the Kings to life again.


As every year, we would like to call on our supporters and sponsors to donate to successfully carry out this year's excavation and restoration campaign. In 2023 we would like to collect funds for work equipment and work contracts for specialists and so we are grateful for every contribution that enables us to continue working on-site!


Feel free to send your financial support to the following bank account:


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Project no.: D.01362.00.551112)

Berliner Bank - Niederlassung der Deutschen Bank PGK AG




IBAN: DE95 1007 0848 0512 6206 01


Purpose of use (please specify!): D.01362.00.551112


Donation receipts are issued by the Humboldt University of Berlin on request. Please contact Ms. Karin Lippold:


For generous donations in the years 2020-2023, we are deeply grateful to:


Kerstin Ernst

Christina Hanus

Ursel und Rolf-Jürgen Hauer (epesa)

Bernd Hausmann

Anke und Lorenz Höwing

Monika und Wolfgang Klostermann

Daniel Klückmann

Ulrich Otto

Petra und Gerhard Piesker

Steffen Reimann

Kerstin Rigler

Gabriele und Holger Röfer

Inge Schlotzhauer

Anke Schüler

Sylvia Schymzyk

Monica und Wolf-Dietmar Wackwitz

Katja und Gebhard Weber


In the upcoming field campaign, we will thank our supports by naming them on our donators sign. Become a savior of cultural heritage on your own and support our work in the Valley of the Kings! We are grateful for your contribution.